I have my itinerary planned out from one supply pick-up point to the next one. Here is the rough plan, but it may change with weather, hiking speed and other crazy unforeseen circumstances. I’ve planned it out at an average of 20 miles a day, but hoping to go faster than that for the majority of the trail…we’ll see! You can see a map of the entire trail here.

**A lot of the supply pick-up points are resorts and hotels…I know that makes it sound like a really fancy stroll in the woods from one resort to the next but, for the most part, I’m just picking my stuff up and heading back out on the trail…unless I smell REALLY bad. Then I might stop and take a shower. Again…we’ll see!

US/Mexico Border to Warner Springs…109.6 miles in 5.5 days

Warner Springs to Cabazon…100 miles in 5 days

Cabazon to Best Western Inn (one night of luxury lodging)…132.5 miles in 6.6 days

Best Western Inn to Hiker Heaven…112.3 miles in 5.6 days

Hiker Heaven to Hiker Town…64 miles in 3.2 days

Hiker Town to Kennedy Meadows Store…184.4 miles in 9.2 days

Kennedy Meadows Store to Independence…87.4 miles in 4.4 days

Independence to Muir Trail Ranch…66 miles in 3.3 days

Muir Trail Ranch to Tuolumne Meadows…86.5 miles in 4.3 days

Tuolumne Meadows to Echo Lake Resort…151.8 miles in  7.6 days

Echo Lake Resort to Sierra City…103.1 miles in 5.2 days

Sierra City to Belden…91.6 miles in 4.6 days

Belden to Old Station…88.5 miles in 4.4 days

Old Station to Castella…128.8 miles in 6.4 days

Castella to Etna…99.8 miles in 5 days

Etna to Seiad Valley…55.8 miles in 2.8 days

Seiad Valley to Hyatt Lake Resort (aka Camper’s Cove)…88.1 miles in 4.4 days

Hyatt Lake Resort to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)…80.2 miles in 4 days

Crater Lake to Shelter Cove Resort…81.8 miles in 4.1 days

Shelter Cove Resort to Elk Lake Resort…46.1 miles in 2.3 days

Elk Lake Resort to Olallie Lake…94.8 miles in 4.7 days

Olallie Lake to Cascade Locks…102 miles in 5.1 days

Cascade Locks to Trout Lake…82.3 miles in 4.1 days

Trout Lake to White Pass…64.9 miles in 3.2 days

White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass…99 miles in 5 days

Snoqualmie Pass to Skykomish…74.5 miles in 3.7 days

Skykomish to Stehekin…97.8 miles in 4.9 days

Stehekin to Manning Park…89.4 miles in 4.5 days

Manning Park is the FINISH LINE. Following this itinerary I’ll finish the trail at the end of August.



One thought on “Itinerary

  1. And you are in the middle of where I used to hike all,the time, Salton Sea, going up through the higher California desert in the next few days. It is beautiful down there this time of year!


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