My food mainly consists of dried food from Outdoor Herbivore, Mountain House and Backpackers Pantry and Koyo Organic Ramen Noodles.

I tried to not repeat any meals throughout the journey and if I did have to repeat I tried to space them out a few weeks apart. I’m also bringing lots of snacks…I hoarded a whole giant box of Girl Scout cookies in every flavor (thanks Finley!), Snickers bars, trail mix, tons of dried fruits, and jerky (beef, chicken and pork).

I also tried my hand at vacuum sealing which was hit and miss…mostly hit, but a few unsuccessful attempts in the peanut butter and jelly department.

I’ll be mailing myself food along the trail in these USPS Flat Rate boxes for a total of approximately 25 food pick-ups along the way. Each box will provide me with food for an average of 5 days with a few 8-9 day stints along the way.




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